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Spatulas, breathplay, what else do you really need? 

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...when Tony introduces me to Dean. 

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In this podcast, I try out and review the Elise 2 by LELO. Warning, this one is really NSFW! 

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One last thought of those hot summer nights...

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My first love. 

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Category:general -- posted at: 1:00am EST want me to pee on you? Yep, an episode dedicated to my adventures in golden showers. 

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Re-running some older podcasts for the summer. I think this is the most popular episode I've done so far.

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Re-running some of my older podcasts during the summer. This one was originally broadcast in February 2011. 

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Since iTunes cuts off at 50 podcasts, I've decided to re-release some of my earliest episodes. This one is the very first podcast I recorded. 

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